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How the library grew

Here are pictures from the construction of the new building. Courtesy of Hana Bartos and Walter Rous. 
Take a look how the library grew.



Library Construction Updates
May 17, 2013
entry lights The carpenters set counters and shelves in the Staff Work Room and installed more base and window trim. The painters completed work on the exterior trim and moved on to painting the walls in the Local History Room and the stair rails in Stair #2. The flooring sub-contractor began the floor tile work in the first floor public toilet rooms and grouted the tile in the second floor and children’s toilet rooms.

The interior glass panels and sidelights were installed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The main entry doors were installed and mid-week the handsome wood interior doors were delivered. Installation of the interior doors and door hardware began Thursday. The plumbers worked on the hot water piping and began installing the plumbing fixtures toward the end of the week while the mechanical sub-contractor completed duct terminations and began the installation of the ceiling registers.

Now that much of the above-ceiling work is complete, the suspended ceiling sub-contractor could resume work on the ceiling grid and began laying in the odd pieces of ceiling tile. Work also resumed on the book lift and the elevator wiring. The electricians began installation of the emergency lighting and hung lights in the children’s stack area and at the exterior arcade. Project Manager Adam and Master Carpenter Tom skillfully raised and hung the shop-fabricated curved fir dropped soffit over the children’s librarian’s desk in a matter of only two hours. And, it looks fabulous.

New Library Project Overview

Thank You Durham!

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Library Bond Passes with 74% Vote

Durham voters approved the construction of a new library facility by passing a $2.6M bond on March 13th. A 2/3 majority was required but the bond passed by 74%, indicating the people of Durham appreciate the importance of their public library to the community. The library staff would like to thank the scores of people who generously supported this project. This positive outcome is the culmination of years of effort and dedication on the part of Trustees (both past and present), Friends of the Library, and library supporters from throughout the community.

Our timetable calls for the library to be complete by the summer of 2013. There is much work to be done on design and construction, but the goal is in sight. The new library will serve as a community resource for generations, providing books and other materials in multiples formats; collection, storytime and craft areas for children; a room for teens; spaces for meetings, programs, and events; areas for Durham residents to gather or for individuals to enjoy quiet time reading in a comfortable chair; and so much more. There is something in the new library for everyone.