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Donors List


With appreciation, the Trustees of the Durham Public Library acknowledge the generosity of the following donors who have contributed to the New Library Campaign as of September 15, 2012 .

8th Grade Class of 1952
The Abelmann/Phelps Family
John and Lynn Aber
Ron and Ann Ablowich
Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Adamovich
Ann W. Allmendinger
Mical Allopenna
Lydia R. Allred
Amy's Frame Shop
Anonymous (4)
John Applegath
Applewood Family Dentistry
Drs. Anne and Vincent Avery
Stan and Janice Aviza
Robin Balducci and Paula Joyce
Dwight and Barbara Baldwin
Maureen Baldwin and Ellie Sexton
Bruce and Diantha Barstow
Hana Bartasova
Dolly and Homer Bechtell
Holden Bell and his parents
Anne and Bob Bencks
The Bencks Family
Phyllis W. Bennett and Ray V. Belles
Nancy and Dan Bergeron
Mrs. Patricia Cortez Berry
Carol and Frank Birch
Richard and Nancy Blakemore
Charles and Sandy Blitzer
Mel and Ruth Bobick
Andrea Bodo and Stephen Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bothner
Angelo Boy
Bruce and Irene Bragdon
Breaking New Grounds
Bette Bridle
The Five Brooks Children
Anne Broussard and Robert Kennedy
Pete and Trudy Brown
Kathy, Steve and Christopher Brunet
Cicely Buckley
Bullivant-Kinsey Family
John F. and Karin V. Burke
Beverly R. Burrows
David and Martha Burton
Elizabeth M. and Wayne M. Burton
Karyn and Dennis Cahill
Richard and Mara Calame
The Caldicott Family
Bruce and Mary-Lou Campbell
Carolyn Degler Campbell & Charles E. Campbell
Todd and Alix Campbell
Paul and Carol Capicchioni
Jane M. and Lionel J. Carbonneau
Jim and Caroline and Jen Carlson
Sibylle Carlson
Matthew and Melissa Carlyon
Sandra Carrier
John and Diana Carroll
The Carsey Family Foundation
Bernard and Kathleen Casey
Caulfield Family
David J. Chase, Class of "50"
Kim T. and Deborah A. Chaze
Dr. Monica E. Chiu and Brian, Elizabeth
and Roland Locke
Feixia Chu, Henry Yang and Elizabeth Yang
Dr. Edward L. Chupp
Richard L. and Janice W. Church, Jr.
Charles and Margery Clark
Linda and Ron Clark
Eileen Clifford
William and Malin Clyde
Cogswell Benevolent Trust
Allan B. Collins
Kathy Collins and Ian Fleischer
Russ and Jeanie Congalton
Ellen-Christine Smith Conway
William and Cynthia Cote
Cottages of Durham
Jane Crooks
Cross Insurance
Crothers Family
Ruth Cunniff
Mary D. Cushman
Christopher J. Daly
Elise and Warren Daniel
The Davidson Family
Matt, Ruth, Kelly, Natalie & Carola Davis
Katheen S. and Vincent Dellova
Anna DeYoung and Mike Sievert
The DiMambro Family
Hugh E. Donovan
Kevin and Monika Donovan
Steve and Molly Donovan
The Dorsey Family
Robert and Janet Doty
Joan and Bill Drapeau
David and Jane Draves
Richard and Paula Dresser
Dudley Dudley
Robert and Arlene Eckerson
Carol and Jay Ehlen
David and Marion Ellis
Katie Ellis and Tom Crossman
Lorna Ellis and Mark Chutter
Robert C. and Heidi S. Ely
Fred and Valerie England
Helena England
Dr. Guy and Mrs. Maryann Esposito
Eternal Nails
Roger and Sandra Evans
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Feldman
Jacquelyn Felix
Shawn Finnegan
Neal Ferris and Sylvia Foster
The Fiermonti Family
Elaine and Stephen Fink
Virginia Rand Finley
Bridget Finnegan, Mike & Madison Cleary
Barbara Flynn
Sarah P. Ford
Arnold Fowler
Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Fowler
Drs. Richard and Katharine Fralick
Franz's Foods
Shirley Meyers Frederick
Rita Freuder
Joan E. Friel
Friends of the Durham Public Library
Diana and Albert Frost
Katie G., Sarah M., and Colleen H.
The Gangwer Family
Fred and Judith Gardner
Kevin, Sheila, Lilia and Sadie Gardner
Luci and Hugh Gardner and
Mark and C.J. Rubin
Mary Gelinas
Judith K. Getchell
Doris and John Gianforte
Phil Ginsburg and Carolyn Anderson
Kate and Fil Glanz
Edward J. Gleason
Michael and Carol Glover
Brian and Peggy Goetz
Anath Golomb
Dr. and Mrs. Jay B. Gooze
Rachel A. Gooze
The Goyette Family
Frank A. Graf II & Joan Crewe Graf
Stefanie Griffin and Brett Gibson
Joan and Howard Gross
Nathan C. and Yvonne M. Grove
Richard and Van Gsottschneider
Patricia P. Haarr
Thomas W. Haas and the William Penn
Elizabeth C. Hagner
Francis and Carman Hall
The Hall Family
Lauren Dudley Hallett, Morgan Dudley
and Ted Naughton
Alix Handelsman and Drew Christie
The Hardy Family
Kurt and Lisa Harling
Mrs. Beryl Harper
Robert and Jane Harrington
Annmarie D. Harris and Larry G. Harris
Charles and Emily Hart
George E. Hartwell
Stephen A. Hartwell
Susan C. Hastings
The Hegarty Family
Phyllis Heilbronner
Jochen and Irene Heisenberg
James E. Hellen
Ted Hennessey and Harriet Fishman
Peter K. Hepler
Patricia Herbst
F. William Hersman
Hesed Foundation
Sally and Bob Heuchling
Richard K. and Charlotte Hill
Antoinette Hills
Dr. George and Karen Hilton
Linda Zimmerman Holland
Joseph V. Hollweg
David and Lynn Holmes
Maurik and Adalgisa Holtrop
Jim and Nancy Hornbeck
Ann and Chuck Hotchkiss
David Howland and Victoria Banyard
Craig and Saskia Hricz
Jiong Jiong Hu
Jennifer and Aaron Hubbell
Rev. Marshall Hunt
Manley and Doris Irwin
The Isaak Family
Marion E. James
Mary and Bob James
Anne Jamieson
Calvin and Deborah Jarvis
Bill and Nancye Jenkins
Robert B. and Charlene L. Jerard
Frederick M. and Janis W. Jervis
Kenneth and Brenda Johnson
Linda Johnson
John S. and Ingebord H. Judge
Kalter Family
Dr. & Mrs. John L. Kardos
Ree and Firoze Katrak
Dick and Jane Kaufmann
Kennedy Gallery & Custom Framing and the Clement Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bud B. Khleif
Mrs. Charlotte Kimball
The Kleinmann Family
Cynthia Klewicki
Anne H. Knight
The Knot Irish Pub
The Knowlton Family
Sarah Knowlton
Naomi Kornhauser and Michael Behrendt
Tucker and Henry Krug
Shan Sun and Qianshan C. Kuo
Lori Lamb
Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Xi Zeta Chapter
Marguerite LaPerle
Diane Le Ray
Martin Lee and Nancy Lambert
Lenk Orthodontics
Anna Rand Lewis
Jim Lewis and Cynthia Watkins
Elmer and Tiffany Liebsch
John and Katy Lilly
Richard G. and Eleanor F. Lilly
David L. and Cynthia C. Limauro
Adina and Allen Linden
Mr. Thomas Lippman and Diane Foster
William and Jill Lockhardt
Susan Long
Richard Louis and Heidi Shea
Barbara Schaefer Lounsbury
The Lowy Family: John, Pamela and David
Jere Lundholm and Harriet Forkey
Lisa MacFarlane, Emma and Lydia Watt
Kate and John MacGregor
Bill and Judy MacHardy
Laura & Paul MacIsaac
Ed and Phyllis MacKay
Thomas and Michelina Madden
Susan and Robert Mair
Eileen Major
Mama Mac & More
Alberto and Leila Manalo
The Marple Family
Alvin and Marilyn Mars
Diane and Frank McCann
Mary McCrae
McIninch Foundation
Peyton and Lisa McManus
Edward W. McNitt
Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation
John A. and Linda P. Mengers
Claire and Michael Merenda
Thomas B. and Mary E. Merrick
Amanda Merrill
Joshua Meyrowitz
Dan and Nancy Miner
Hannalore and Eberhard Moebius
Donna Reid Moody
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Moore
Zelda and David Moore
Evelyn More
Kay Morgan
Robin Mower
Bob and Christine Moynihan
Thomas and Karin Mullin
Robert and Jacqueline Murphy
Joseph and Catherine Nadeau
William and Margaret Naumes
Jerry and Sally Needell
NH Tax Collectors Association
Beth and Tom Newkirk
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Nicoloff
Ernie Nichols and Nancy Webb
Maria Niswonger and Wilfred Wollheim
Eric and Elizabeth Nordgren
Ellen and Steve O'Brien
Eric and Elizabeth O'Brien
Martin & Michelle O'Donnell, The Skinny Towel & Washcloth Co.
Helen Moss Ogden
Dorothy Oliver
Beth Olshansky
Deborah Oshman
Loren and Nancy Parnell
Jean and John Parsons
Moby and Yasmine Parsons
Elaine Pasternack
Leslie Pasternack and Paul Runcy
Jeremy and Kristina Paulin
Mike and Beckie Pazdon
The Pease Family
The Pekins Family and
Sanford and Doris Slavin Foundation
People's United Bank
The Pescosolido Family
The Peterman Family
Bruce and Lisa Pfeiffer
Priscilla R. Phenix
Phi Kappa Alpha
Phi Kappa Phi
Althea J. Pisinski
Donna and Thomas Pistole
Samuel and Jane Pollard
Mrs. Phyllis Pomerleau
Anna E. Porter
The Poworoznek Family
Allan B. Prince
Carolyn Puffer
Quaker Hill Foundation
Dianne Ramey and Colin Ware
Charlotte C. Ramsay
The Ransom-O'Connell Family
John Rasmussen
Marjorie and Jeff Raven
Robert C. Reed
Bridget Regan
Caitlin Regan
Richard W. and Susan W. Renner
Mary K. Reynolds
David and Susan Richman
Linda and George Rief
Jenna Roberts and Tom Bebbington
Stephen and Janice Roberts
Ronald and Ann Rodgers
Julia Rodriguez and Charles Forcey
Joseph H. and Dorothy A. Roman Family
Susan Roman and Chris Regan
Kenny Rotner, Emma Rotner and
Tracy Schroeder
Ashleigh, Andy, Alice and Gus Rourke
Walter and Emma Rous
Katherine and Wheeler Ruml
Sylvia and Robert Russell
Gail Walker Sampson
Samuel P. Hunt Foundation
Janice Percival Sanborn
Betsy Sandberg
Malcolm and Nancy Sandberg
Bernice H. Sandler
Brenda Sargent
Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation
Eugene and Joan Savage
Beth H. Schilpp
Bill and Jill Schoonmaker
Leslie and David Schwartz/
Schwartz & Roman PLLC
C. William Scott
Seacoast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Norma Segal
Lee and Alice Seidel
Loren and Todd Selig
Zoe and Gabi Selig
Gregory L. Shaker, DDS
Andrew and Erin Sharp
Joyce D. Sheffield
Tim Sherry and Alice Belfiore
Lyn Slanetz
Michael T. and Maura M. Slavin
Jan, Jana and Janko Slezak
Ms. Muriel A. Slutzky
Joseph G. Smath
Daniel and Emily Smith
Henry M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith
Star Snyder
Alison Sollee and Gary Usher
Carl and Judith Spang
Dr. and Mrs. T.M. Sparr
Peter Stanhope
The Starkey Family
Nancy Starks-Cheney
Amy and Chris Sterndale
The Sturk Children
Nathan, Sophie and Deon Sullivan
The Swanson Family
Harriet Swenson
Stephanie Bradley Swift and Dan J. Swift
William L. and Susan J. Tanguay
Patricia Terrill
Cynthia Thomas
Dianne Thompson
Peggy Thrasher
Three Chimneys Inn
Joel C. Tillinghast
Roy and Meg Torbert
Nate and Lori Trauntvein
Trang and Deron Triff
The Turell Family
Carol S. Turveson
UNH Dairy Bar
University Travel - Dennis Kostis
Dale and Ed Valena
David N. and Margaret Hoitt ('49) Van Allen
Village Pizza
Larry Vogelman
Mrs. Louise E. Von Damm
Patricia Evans Ward
Dr. Gavin Webb and Kate Haley Webb
Bob Webster
Clark Welch, Durham School 1953
Ann and Carden Welsh
Katie and Doug Wheeler
Wildcat Fitness
Wildcat Pizza
Joanna Wicklein and Steve Frolking
Therese Willkomm
Chris and Sara Wilson
Ann and Frank Windsor
Dr. Katherine G. Windsor
Nancy Ossoff Winograd
Jeanne and Steve Wishengrad
Peter and Esther Wolfe
Marjorie J. Wolfson and Neil R. Slepian
Diane E. Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wyand
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Young
Jerry and Paul Young, MD
Lawrence and Elizabeth Zeis
Shirley and Jim Zembruski
Dr. Sharyn J. Zunz
Anne and Townsend Zwart