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Print, Fax and Copy Services
Printing at the library
Library supports self service printing from the public computers (no wireless printing at the moment). The B&W printer is located near the public computers, the charge is 10 cents per page (single or double sided paper). We have flash drives at the front desk to help you transfer your files from your personal computer to the public desktop, or you can login to print your files.
Library has B&W copy machine near the front desk. The self service copying costs 10 cents per page, regular or legal size paper. Please let us know if you need help. We will be happy to show you how to get started.
Library has a fax machine in the staff room. The charge is $1 per page. The library staff ensures complete confidentiality of your documents. 
The library has a scanner in the public computer area. Please use the desktop computer to scan your document, icon is on the desktop. The scanning is free.